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How to stop paper statements/fees with B2B Bank

For security reasons, B2B requires the client do this themselves. Once you request the switch to online access and identify yourself as a client (to get rid of the paper), they will mail you a PIN to sign in for the first time.


  1. You’ll need your current paper statement with your registration and account number.
  2. Go to:
  3. On this home page, click the Please register here link.
  4. Using your B2B statement, enter your Registration ID and account number under Step 1: I don’t have a registration PIN.

    The shows where to find it on your statement and where to type it in on the screen:

  5. Once you’ve added your numbers and clicked “submit” the system will verify that you’ll receive a PIN in the mail.
  6. Once you’re mailed out a new PIN, log in for the first time (again, using the first time visitor link on the screen, this time clicking Step :2 I have my registration PIN).

    Once you’ve logged in I believe it will ask you to give yourself a password. Then login on the home page and go to the box at the top that says “My Preferences”. This screen will come up:

    Select the first option “Select all document types for ALL accounts”. Click submit.

  7. The screen will (finally) say “Congratulations! You will now receive your documents as follows:” It should indicate that now your statements will be sent to you electronically.