About Muise Financial

The Start of Muise Financial

In the fall of 2019, we purchased this long-established investment business from financial advisor Ken Clark. Some of the clients with us today started with Ken more than 30 years ago! Ken and I first met back in 2009 while I was a District Vice President with Manulife Investments. It was more than a year and a half and a least a dozen contacts before Ken started investing with Manulife in his personal portfolio. Eventually Ken started to recommend selective Manulife mutual funds for some of his clients and our working relationship and friendship grew. It was another 8 years into the relationship when I realized Ken was quietly looking for someone he could trust to take over his business, while Trish and I were quietly looking for an investment business we could make our own.

After a few months of discussion and with our wives' approval we came to a simple agreement that served both parties with minimal disruption for our clients. A handshake and faith and confidence on both sides was all that we needed. Ken spent many hours and days and weeks patiently teaching Trish and I the mechanics of the business and took me out to meet as many clients as possible before the Covid pandemic shut down personal meetings early in 2020.

Ken's been a tremendous mentor. And since retiring, continues to be just a text or phone call away when we need to tap into his vast experience. Or just to hear Ken say, "Atta boy!"